OXMO Jewellery’s collections have been divided into three lines: EVERYDAY, ELEGANCE and EXCLUSIVE. Thanks to that, each woman can find a suitable piece of jewellery for herself, regardless of her style, age, or the occasion. This jewellery will stress a woman’s beauty, personality or style no matter if it will be worn everyday to work or in the evenings.

Each collection is available in jeweller’s, recommended by our company.



You & your OXMO Jewellery everyday !

The collection of jewellery for every day is mainly based on semi-precious stones and shells. The elements, such as charms or fastening of SWAROVSKI crystals are plated with 24k gold. It’s for a woman like you – active and fashionable, who wants to emphasise her appearance in a gentle and not intruding way. Jewellery from the Everyday collection is softened and it hasn’t got much splendor, so it’s ideal for casual look.



You can always be elegance!

This collection is dedicated to women for whom a piece of jewellery is obligatory to stress chic and smartness. The designs combine classic and the influence of current fashion trends. The collection is based on a wide range of colours of semi-precious stones, precious stones, SWAROVSKI crystals and 24k gold plated silver items. No matter if you see elegance as an elegant office look or a simple dress, you can always find appropriate OXMO Jewellery for yourself.



For special occasions, it must be exclusive!

Collection EXCLUSIVE has been designed for special occasions on which women choose clothes, hairstyle and obviously jewellery in a particularly careful way. It’s jewellery that is visible, glittering and attracts attention. The collection is dominated by black colour which is completed by deeply saturated colours of ruby and emerald. Cuts of the stones highlight their elegant glitter .